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Beautiful Reflections is a Tanning Salon conveniently located in Corona, CA, specializing in organic airbrush tanning. We provides a beautiful, custom spray-on tan for clients seeking immediate results and healthy alternatives.

We specialize in crafting long-lasting spray tans with industry-leading products. A knowledgeable tanning expert will perform the entire treatment by hand, and the whole process may be completed in as little as 15 minutes.


  • Each Artist is Certified.
  • We are a By-Hand Artist Applied Spray Tan by Beautiful Reflections. Our formulas are 100% Organic Natural.
  • We Offer in Salon Spray Tanning
  • Our Brand of Spray Tanning Solutions are Paraben Free, Sulfate free, Cruelty Free, Vegan and DHA Organic Based and Natural. California regulated Prop. 65 with no known Cancer Causing Carcinogens.
  • Our Mobile Spray Tan Service Allows You to Experience Luxurious Spray Tanning in the Comfort of Your Own Home, Office, On-Location or Salon.
  • We Customize the Color to Enhance Your Natural Tones.
  • We Prep your Skin with a PH balanced Fine Mist to Achieve Optimally Beautiful Spray Tan Results.
  • We Seal the Spray Tan with an Aloe Based Post-Tan Spray, that Adds Extra Moisture for Richer Color Development as well as Tones and Tightens Your Skin.
  • 24-Hours-A-Day Live Booking Calendar. Three Locations Torrance, Beverly Hills & Tarzan
  • We Automatically Email Appointment Confirmations, Pre/Post Tanning Instructions & Reminders.
  • We offer Aftercare Products that Prolong, add Moisture and maintain your Flawless Bronzed Skin.
Glow Healthy With An Organic Spray Tan


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The Greatest Pleasure
The ultimate experience in airbrush spray tanning, giving you the perfect sun-kissed, bronze spray tan you've always wanted!

All Natural Organic Solution

  • Customized to Fit your Skin Tone & Preferences
  • Express Tan Available Shower in 1 hour We offer a wide variety of top quality services to fit your needsv
  • Custom Full Body Airbrush Tan (4 hr. shower off):


    Custom Full Body Express Airbrush Tan:


    Spa Custom Full Body Airbrush Tan:


    Spa Custom Full Body Express Airbrush Tan:


    Full Set of


    Deluxe Facial Treatment with


    Full Lip



    Lip Liner


    Microblade Service



    Make up Consultation

    with Make up


    Tan Menu & Deals

    Tan Parties

    What better excuse to have a girls night in? We will come to one location to tan your group of 5+ at a discount rate per person. Contact us to book your party text at 951 768-2611 !


    Wedding packages are customized for both the bride, bridal party and attendees. Packages for bride include custom trial tan, tans for the bridal shower, bachelorette and/or engagement photos and, of course, the big day. Contact us for pricing details.


    Safe for mommy-to-be, our organic solution will allow you to have that pregnancy glow in all of your maternity photos. Custom trials available.

    Photo Shoots

    Experience working with multiple modeling agencies to achieve the desired look for a shoot. Custom trials available.

    Preparing and caring for your tan are just as important as the spray tan


    Manicure & Pedicure

    Get your nails done before your spray tan. Make sure you wash off any oils or lotions they put on you prior otherwise they may act as a barrier to the solution

    Shave & Wax

    Wax, shave, or get laser hair removal prior to spray tanning. Having these procedures done too close to your spray tan appointment will allow solution to get into pores


    Exfoliate. Scrub your dead skin cells away as well as get rid of your natural skin oils, makeup or impurities so that your skin is as naked as possible to absorb the solution

    What to Wear During Tan

    Wear what makes you comfortable or where you’d like tan lines. This can mean a bathing suit, undergarments or nude


    Once it's time to take a shower, it is important to take a quick, lukewarm rinse-only shower. If you need soap, only in necessary areas with a lightweight soap
    Moisturize directly after first shower to lock in moisture with a heavy cream moisturizer. Avoid oil based moisturizers, oil is a color stripping agent
    Many people aren't aware that beautiful skin starts from the inside. Drinking lots of water helps to hydrate the skin internally which will help your tan fade much better
    What to Wear After
    After your tan, avoid tight fitting clothes & opt for loose, dark clothing such as maxi dresses, skirts, exumas, etc. Avoid tight fitting bras, tank tops or pants

    • Airbrush by Sandra is getting Beautiful tanning by not Aging your skin by real tan or bed tanning!, Tired of applying your makeup and foundation the same old boring way ? Lucky for U, Beautiful reflections has an awesome personal airbrush system that will add some easy way to your beauty routine you can do ounce a week or get the kits and Ur tan last 2 weeks or longer. Watch makeup artist Sandra Peterson demonstrate how easy it is to use as well as some great tips in the video on you tube !”
      – Carla Vassar !

      — Carla vaspar, Carla vaspar
    • I have always been a frequent visitor to the tanning bed, but lately I’ve noticed my skin aging and a few sun spots popping up. I’ve been an go to beautiful reflections sunless airbrush kit for about a month now and let me just say it is life changing! So easy to use and convenient. I usually get Sandra’s to airbrush me . When I wake up in the morning I have a glowing tan that looks like I just got off the beach from a tropical Island. I even spray my boyfriend and friends who has much lighter skin then I and he looks great! This was definitely the best purchase I’ve made thus far! Lets just say- goodbye to make up and hello to organic freshly bronzed skin with this product vita liberata with beautiful reflections spa !” Savana!

      — Savana, Savana
    • I’m Salsa Dance . I teach dance and perform worldwide. I love beautiful reflections sunless airbrush because it makes you look like you have nothing on your face. I also love the fact that it takes 10 min to apply, it’s so fast and Dry fast ! Sandra’s me and I use it on myself and my team every time we perform on stage. This make up lasts even after a long night of dancing up to 2 weeks !” thanks sandra

      — Vanessa, Vanessa
    • After being disappointed time after time by products that promised a “perfect tan”, I still knew that there had to be some good products out there. After all, beautifully bronzed celebrities constantly grace the red carpet with perfect tans and you know most of them wouldn’t risk wrinkles or cancer by baking in the sun to get that glow. But how do you know which tan-in-a-bottle is going to yield the most natural-looking results? Look at picture of owner it beautiful tan no orange.
      I took the Risk and got spray tan by Sandra’s and it turned out beautiful tan. i determine that Organic products by Beautiful reflections is truly the best sunless tanners out there. Forget the gimmicks, forget the crazy claims.
      she have compiled a list of what she believe to be the best sunless tanning products on the market. They were reviewed by people just like you who want a sunless tanner that is easy to use and gives natural tan results every time and last up t 2 weeks or longer . These picks won’t disappoint and she top picks of every tester. she hope this last her clients up to 2 weeks of Sunless Tanners helps you to look and feel your best and stay healthy and young looking and beautiful for years to come. she my friend and I’m her clients she the best and love to hear about your favorites and how her tan last. Enjoy!

      — jasmin, jasmin
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